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Are you a DIY bride that wants to do all the planning on her own, just needs to be pointed in the right direction? We’re here to help. This is your chance to bring your questions and have a sit-down with us on your ideas for your event and gain our feedback on how we’d advise you to move forward. We ask that you come prepared to the meeting and bring all of your great ideas and questions to get the most out of your planning time. Planning meetings are 3 hours long (this can be broken into two, 1.5 hour meetings) and can be scheduled at different times throughout your planning process. Price for a 3hr. block of consultation time is: $210.00 (all meetings are done over google meet. If meetings are done in person, travel rates will apply. 

We also offer the Level 9A, which is similar to our Level 1 but it doesn't include any execution assistance. This is strictly 10 hours to help with schedule development (2 hrs), provide recommendations on the floor plan and layout (2 hrs) , review contracts you've already signed for logistics assistance (1hr), recommendations on way forward (2hr) and to meet with you 2 times (one initial and 2 follow-on) for 1 hour to go over your planning and preparation (google chat meetings). Cost of the Level 9A: $700.00. Full contract must be paid at the time of contract. 



Level 9- "Love Brew"

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 Walk-through or Site Visit Consultation

Walk-through or Site Visit: What's the difference? A Walk-through is the required (in many cases) meeting that the venue requires that a venue representative, the couple, a catering representative, and the planner all attend. A Walk through covers all the logistical specifics including decoration placement, delivery schedules for vendors, reviews of the floor plans, a literal walk through of the events of the entire day. If you are planning to run the wedding on your own and would like someone to participate in a walk-through, this could assist you with thinking through logistical details that you might not be aware to ask or plan for.



A Site Visit can assist you in multiple ways and you can choose to hold one for multiple reasons. Are you looking at a space and trying to decide if a tent will fit or how a party flow would make sense? Do you need decoration ideas? Do you want someone to help you think through the possible party layout? These are a few of the ways a site visit can assist you. It includes time for up to a 2hr. meeting (plus travel), 1 hour to develop a floor plan after the meeting (plus edit time), 1 hour to discuss the vision that you have for the space beforehand, 1 hr for an email of recommendations on a way forward. If the décor is outside of the realm of our party expertise, we can recommend professional decorators who can assist.

DC and VA: 8 hour package of time: $560

MD and Southern and Western VA: 10 hour package of time (additional travel time) $700.00

Level 9
Walk through Site Visit

Level 9A: Planning only assistance

A La Carte Services (charged in 5-hour block increments@$350.00 per block):

  • Any block in the chart below can be added to any Level 1-5 package if a couple needs assistance with securing vendors. 

  • Wedding Website Creation (2-5 hour blocks)

  •        Weddingwire example   

  • Wedding Website Management

  • Bachelorette Party Assistance

  • Save-the-Date postcards/mailers

  • Registry Assistance

  • Jewelry and Accessories

  • Bridal Show Participation

  • Tuxedo Selection

  • Additional Vendor Selection

  • Ceremony Permits

  • Tent Permits (2-5 hour blocks)

    • One 5 hour block to perform a site visit, meet with tent company and develop a floor plan

    • Second 5 hour block: Fill out tent request paperwork and go to County Office to request the permit.

The following services are charged hourly at $75.00/hour.
Two hour brain-storming sessions on:

  •          Decorations

  •          Favors

  •          Engagement Picture Props

  •          Concierge Services (before and after your event)-mileage rates may apply if total distance traveled is over 50 miles

o Picking up and/or dropping off accessories
o Picking up and/or dropping off your dress for cleaning after the wedding

o Picking up or delivering flowers, decor, alcohol, equipment, etc before or immediately after the wedding (if these services are not included as part of the initial contract, and the bride or a close family member asks us to perform this service, it will be billed immediately after the service is rendered for $75/hr. per staff member participating in the movement of equipment or materials).

A La Carte Services

A La Carte
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