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There are lots of reasons to utilize us that go far beyond being able to tell someone you have your own "party planner or wedding coordinator," and here are just a few:

  • We are Consultants and not just Coordinators. What's the difference? Anyone can coordinate, that's just telling people what goes where and making sure things are in place. We aren't in this business to dictate. A consultant understands the environment, listens to the client, and is able to put together planned responses based on that knowledge. Our guidance to you is based on years of experience and wanting to see your vision come to life.


  • We’ll be there for you as much or as little as you need throughout this process. Over time, you'll get to know us and we'll get to know you and we'll figure out a rhythm to the planning that makes it fun and not a chore or stressful.


  • You are in charge of every decision, we just help make sure you feel you have all the information you need to make the most informed decision.


  • Are you a bride that just wants to get down the aisle but doesn't want all of this other "stuff" to think about? Let us compile some options for you based on your wishes and you can just make decisions.


  • We can track your budget and assist you with prioritization so that you stick with it! We know some of the best places to shop to help you get the most of every dollar.


  • So you hate negotiating? Let us handle that. We pride ourselves in understanding our craft and working to make sure you are getting a fair price for the services you want. We are also very familiar with the "tricks of the trade" and are happy to share our experiences with you.


  • Do you know what you want, you just don't quite know what's involved to put it together or where to turn? Tell us about it! We can work with you to see if it's something your budget will allow and make it happen!


  • Relatives have offered to help but you want to make sure they aren’t taking over or don’t want to be bothered on the day of the event? Let us handle it.


  • Both party and wedding consultations can occur in English and Spanish, a sus ordenes!


  • Many of our clients have the perfect guy or gal and the perfect place...just don't know where to turn next. We're happy to help guide you through it.

If any or all of these examples sound like you, it sounds like you might need to call and set up a no-obligation free informational meeting with us. Just imagine yourself on the day of your event actually enjoying it and not fretting about "everything that could go wrong." We've got it covered, so you can relax and enjoy. Click on the .pdf below to learn more about how we can assist you in each area. You don't need to hear it from us though, check out the testimonials straight from our past clients!

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